My name is Linda.

For the past 7 years now, I have been working in the cosmetics section of a supermarket, helping customers decide on the kind of creams, oils, serums, soaps, cleansers, and all cosmetics products to buy.

I’m starting this blog to tell people the truth and honest reviews about these products because the manufacturers lie a lot of time, but guess what doesn’t lie? The evidence on the skin of the customers doesn’t.

I’d be using the experiences of my customers, my experiences, and those of my colleagues to write these reviews.

For this blog, you should expect the truth and no sugarcoating of any product. 

Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section and I would answer as honestly as I can. Kindly share the posts on this blog to your family and friends, you never know who you could be saving.

Thank you for sticking around.

Welcome to the family.

Ps: I write reviews of the products I use, I have used, and that of my customers and my colleagues.